Code 3 Grant Helps Teens Reach New Heights

Code 3 Grant Helps Teens Reach New Heights

A grant provided by Code 3 Association made it possible for the Arlington County Juvenile Court and the Arlington County Police Department to collaborate on the “Reaching New Heights” program, a climbing program for teens involved with the Court system.Lieutenant David Giroux of the Organized Crime Section said, “In an era where police and community relations have proven to be strained in many jurisdictions this program provides a great setting for small groups of Court-involced juveniles and police officers to interact in an informal fashion.”

“I learned to never quit and to push myself harder. I learned about myself that I have courage. I liked that the police officers helped me do that.”

— Dennis, Youth

The program offers teens an opportunity to rock climb in a state of the art rock climbing gym while interacting with members of their local law enforcement in a positive way. Rock climbing teaches many skills, chief among them communication, teamwork and problem solving skills, while simultaneously fostering trust, confident and cooperation among its participants. David, one of the teens involved, said, “I really enjoyed the fact that the staff was very motivating. It made me feel good about myself and to keep moving forward, to simply not give up…They devoted their time to help us out and honestly feel good that even though, most of us have dealt with police officers that have arrested us in addition thinking that all citizens with a badge are mean, in fact are nice and caring.” Our teen participants feel accomplished after tackling a new challenge and the police officers enjoy meeting out youth and seeing them in a different capacity.

Source: WAMU