Code 3 Grant Supports Summer Youth Program

Code 3 Grant Supports Summer Youth Program

A grant contributed by Code 3, supported a Greater Manassas Youth Project called Team Quest, which took place over the Summer of 2017.  Team Quest is a collaborative multi-disciplinary team comprised of several community stake partners within the Greater Manassas area that include all levels of the Criminal Justice System, Department of Family Services, Community Services Board (HIDTA), and Park and Recreation Services.

“It was a nice experience and really make me think of which college I want to go to.”

— Program participant

The goal of the program is to enrich the lives of identified at-risk youth between the ages of 13-18 years old with a variety of engaging and interactive life still activities. One participant expressed their appreciation from the project and said, “it helped me be a better person in a whole lot of things.” In addition to the enrichment activities, the program applies a mentoring-centric approach pairing youth with positive adult community members to inspire them to become caring and productive members within their community.

The enrichment and interactive program activity experiences included, Career and Vocational Education, Post-Secondary Education, Military Appreciation, Public Safety Appreciation, Health and Fitness, Liberal Arts, Leadership, Teamwork and Community Service. The program was a huge success and the feedback from the participants extremely positive, many of them looking forward for next summer!