Justin Ellis

Officer Justin Ellis of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Authority in Texas

UPDATE: When Justin first began REACT he was in significant pain. Surviving an open book pelvic fracture, coupled by a spinal cord injury, his hips were locked in a flexed and opened position. To lay flat was painful. REACT’S focus has been to improve his tolerance and range of motion in his hips, so he can work toward standing upright and laying flat. Justin has made significant progress and he can now lay on his stomach with little to no pain. He is making progress toward standing more upright as well.   His leg strength is also improving. He recently pressed 187 pounds of band resistance on a shuttle squat machine! Financial support is crucial to Justin’s continued success. We look forward to tracking his progress as he reaches his milestones.


We recently became an advocate for Officer Justin Ellis of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Authority in Texas.  In October of 2016 he was operating a motorcycle responding to a stabbing when he was struck by a truck.  Not expected to live, Justin spent months in the hospital and rehab. He is now confined to a wheel chair.  There is a chance that Justin will walk again. An organization in Texas called REACT Neuro-Rehab believes they can in fact help Justin to walk again. REACT has had the opportunity to see much success in working with Military Veterans.


Unfortunately, the Police Department and insurance company will not pay for his treatment and Justin is unable to pay for this treatment on his own.  Our Executive Director has had the chance to speak with Justin personally. Justin is in his mid thirties and has a daughter. His only goal is that he will be able to dance with his daughter at her wedding. We hope to make that a reality for him and have decided to sponsor Justin in his initial treatments. We are advocating for coverage of this treatment.
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